You may be really struggling with confusion about which road to take. Colleges often focus obsessively on helping students take the next step but don’t give enough guidance about the art of choosing.

The promise of so many choices can be exhausting on the brain. Almost too many choices and decisions to ponder and wonder about when it comes to choosing what to do. College means learning to adapt in often unexpected new ways. You may be learning to live on your own for the first time, meeting people from different walks of life, figuring out how to manage class, career choice and functioning on little sleep. And whether you realize it or not, all these new changes and transitions have the potential to be overwhelming. I have worked as a college counselor and can help. 

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Living Your Peace of Purpose

There is a direct correlation between your purpose in life and longevity.

In between stands your health. What you don’t know about your purpose could be taking years out of your life. How about you? Do you have peace of purpose in your life, knowing exactly what you care deeply about?

Like many others, you may be really struggling with confusion about which road to take. Joseph Campbell’s the Hero’s Journey discusses the myth behind this age-old issue. Like Luke Skywalker we all need to leave home eventually, choose an opportunity, and find out what is truly important for us. You will learn there it isn’t always an easy way back again.

Life has many stages. Campbell suggests there are different points for potential crisis in life which can be related to purpose. Between the ages of 18-22 you make enormous steps and face challenges. You embark adulthood, move relationships, and say further goodbyes, choose a career, might marry and have children or not. Difficulties or disappointments in career in your twenties and thirties can lead you to feel that your ladder is against the wrong wall. In the meantime, middle life creeps up. A sense of emptiness, futility or lack of meaning can often accompany midlife. Next up, empty nesters may have to rediscover their sense of meaning and purpose while still having many years to contribute. On the horizon lies retirement.

Life is change and it matters how you feel about and direct your sense of purpose at each stage of your life. For kids from college who are just getting married, empty nesters or adults preparing for retirement there is so much to learn from each other from different perspectives. All groups need to find a sense of passion and purpose at each stage of life.

Researchers Turiano and Hill showed that purpose in life is a predictor of lifespan. Over 6000 participants reported on purpose in life, “Some people wander aimlessly through life, but I am not one of them.” Fourteen years later, those who had died, 9% reported lower purpose in life. Those who had a higher sense of purpose had a lower risk of dying from any disease.

When you face one of the transitions in life, challenging and defining choices, where do you go? Wouldn’t you love to have a map and a sense of direction at this point? If you are facing a life crisis, wondering what will lie behind changes, transpersonal therapy can help. It also could be one of the best preventative health measures you can take.

Using a number of career planning tools, transpersonal therapy will provide you with an understanding of your particular personality traits and how they relate to the work you do or your career of choice. Tools like Heroic Myth Index, Strong Campbell Interest Inventory, Numerology, Humanistic astrological chart and a flower life essence remedy that speaks to you can help.

Ways to Discover Meaning

“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”  Friedrich Nietzche

I believe in the concept of mind-body-spirit and purposefulness of life. Meaning is all about how we make sense of our lives. A basic premise is that life is essentially purposeful and meaningful. Even in the midst of chaos, despair, loss and confusion there is a soul purposefulness that gives meaning to your unique life.

There are Three Ways to Discover Meaning:

  • Work/Accomplishments
  • Service to greater good
  • Soul awakening

You always have the freedom to decide your attitudes and behaviors for every day of our lives. Meaning or despair? Psychology teaches us that the best way to cope with suffering is to face it. Finding a sense of purpose can bring peace to your heart. If you are suffering from uncertainty, confused about finding your peace of purpose then therapy can help.

There are three areas where we can discover meaning. One is our work and our accomplishments. Would you like to discover a vocation that makes use of our soul’s talents. Personality and archetypal assessments, the humanistic astrological chart, meditation, time in nature, prayer and visualization can all guide a person to receive guidance toward work and service that cultivate a deep connection to the meaningfulness of life.

Are you searching for a purpose in life focused on yourself –Security, wealth, fame, etc? It often works best if our purpose is related to service for the greater good. If one can get beyond the will to private fulfillment and set a purpose that seeks the well-being of all, then our sense of meaning is less likely to be uprooted.

We need a collective awakening of the soul to guide and facilitate each of us to fulfill our purpose. It is for each of us to find what answering that call looks like in our own lives and to join with others—no more procrastinating. Each of us needs to ground ourselves in ways of purpose and meaning, practice gratitude, set our attitudes to the positive. It can be exhausting when uncertainty and anxiety about the future is all around We are pummeled with traumatic information and many of us shut down emotionally because it is overwhelming. Are you are ragged from the news of the world trying not to make we yourself or one another feel hopeless or helpless? Do you need help to muster our inner resources to move forward and find ways to find joy, play, inner quiet and strength? Finding a sense of purpose often links you to a feeling of interconnection with all of life. Your humanistic astrology chart provides a blueprint or guide to soul awakening.

‘Present moment, beautiful moment” is what Thich Nhat Hanh says.

Victor Frankl, in his book Man’s search for meaning, focuses ont eh task of finding a calling that serves us while we serve others. He suggested that understanding what one is meant to do is worth the hardship that often surrounds the seeking: “what man actually needs is not a tensionless state but the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task…..If architects want to strength a decrepit arch they increase the load that is laid upon it, thereby joining the parts more filmly together.” Is what your are doing working for you? Journal for five minutes ways in which you think what your are doing is working for you. It what ways is it not working in your best interest or those you serve. Create a list of three ways in which you would ideally see your work benefiting you and those you serve.

You may need heightened career tools, coping skills to discover your purpose and meaning to be who you want to be. You can increase your own happiness and be of greater service to those around you.

Transpersonal Career counseling can help you find a vocation and sense of purpose that makes use of our soul’s talents. Personality and archetypal assessments, the humanistic astrological chart, meditation, time in nature, prayer and visualization can all guide you to receive guidance toward work and service that cultivates a deep connection to the meaningfulness of life.

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