Hi, I’m Dr. Hansen

Licensed Psychotherapist & Coach
Established 1999

Transpersonal Therapy

Create positive changes so you can live fully in mind, body and spirit.

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Life changes constantly, that is normal, but sometimes it can be just a bit too much. There can be trouble in the family or problems in school, a relationship can come to an end, jobs can be lost and sometimes you have to move and relocate. You may feel overwhelmed by what’s been happening, and need help sorting out your feelings and finding solutions to your problems. Transpersonal therapy can get to the root problems and solve those instead of using band-aids. You’ll build the skills to deal with the difficult stuff life throws your way.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

Want to transform your life, wellbeing and mental health?

Wish to improve your relationships?

Feel like something is missing in your life?

Transpersonal Therapy

Navigate life changes and design a life that is in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

Intuitive Coaching

Explore your inner self through soulful intuitive insights and practices.

Career Advice

Helping you achieve success.  Unlock your full potential.  Say “hello” to the new you.

Food Mood Change

Change your mood with food.  Create your own diet for energy and productivity.

Transpersonal Therapy, the Way of the Soul

Suffering from relationship issues, loss, worry, or overwhelmed feelings? I can help you move forward by letting go of whatever beliefs, memories, wounds that keep you stuck or get in the way. Therapeutic counseling can help you get your life back on track and connect with your energetic, motivated self. Go from feeling hopelessness, stuck in the past to being hopeful and looking forward to a future. Learn More

Intuitive Coaching, Illumination & Alternative Healing

You are on an inner journey to find your way in life. Have you learned to sustain change and loss? I like to compliment you if you have found the courage to face these challenges and feel an intense desire to make yourself stronger, to complete yourself.

When we open up and let go we make room for our next level of personal and spiritual growth. We are able to give energy to our dreams and create new ways of being, thinking and manifesting.

A holistic body, mind spirit approach combined with astrological intuitive coaching can help. It can help you break your goal into manageable steps and identify and overcome stuck patterns. Meditation, body-focused techniques, EMDR, imagery, neuropsychology, archetypal astrological themes and vibrational repatterning tools help you illuminate your inner depths.  Learn more

Jump Start Your Career & College Student Counseling

Are you getting ready to or have you recently graduated? Looking for career direction or a career change? Have you hit a wall in your career? Joseph Campbell said there are moments in your life when you realize you need to lean your ladder against another wall.

If you’re a college student, you may be stressing over more than just classes. I can help bring a sense of balance back to your everyday life.

Food Mood Change

Curious if a keto or paleo diet could provide relief from headaches, weight issues, or increase your energy? Discover the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

Create an appreciation for the power of food to improve brain function and insulin response. Restore balance through natural means which can have a big effect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Learn more

My Story

Maybe you’ve almost given up hope you can overcome your anxiety. When you’ve suffered for awhile, it’s understandable that you may have doubts that therapy will help. I use state of the art methods that have been shown to help people get relief from anxiety, trauma and relationship pain.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll walk away from therapy and never worry again. However, I can say if you’re willing to do the work, therapy is bound to help you feel better than you feel now.

I believe that the biggest thing standing in your way is the fear that life always has to be the way that it is now.

Drawing from a transpersonal orientation and using my background in business and belief in a holistic perspective brings a non-nonsense blend of the traditional and intuitive arts to my therapy style.

I create a safe space to explore your emotional senses and be in touch with yourself. In feeling safe and comfortable, you’ll be able to be understood and heard.

I believe that therapy should address the person as a whole – their mind, body, and spirit without judgment and answer your specific needs and concerns.


“With Karen I have learned how to connect my emotions to my thoughts…. I am working through old negative thoughts in order to connect with my fears and learn from them. Karen is a great source of information. She provides a variety of books, verbal information and astrological knowledge”.

“Karen is safe, knowledgeable, trusting, compassionate, warm, professional, and incredibly skilled. She also has a comprehensive repertoire of therapy styles and educational materials. She has allowed me to find a safe place, free of judgment and full of respect to do the work I need to do. I have recommended Karen to friends and would do so again and again!”

“I could create my own details, my own path, Karen gave me a structure, a feeling safe space to experience what I needed to be shown on my life path. She showed me the gate leading to my personal path of archetypes…the gate leading to my own pathway where I could heal.”