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Teletherapy can be convenient and effective. Transpersonal therapy is open and available for adults, teens and college students 

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Online Therapy & Coaching in Arizona

Transpersonal Therapy, the Way of the Soul

Suffering from relationship issues, loss, worry, or overwhelmed feelings? I can help you move forward by letting go of whatever beliefs, memories, wounds that keep you stuck or get in the way. Therapeutic counseling can help you get your life back on track and connect with your energetic, motivated self. Go from feeling hopelessness, stuck in the past to being hopeful and looking forward to a future.

Intuitive Coaching, Illumination & Alternative Healing

You are on an inner journey to find your way in life. Have you learned to sustain change and loss? I like to compliment you if you have found the courage to face these challenges and feel an intense desire to make yourself stronger, to complete yourself.

When we open up and let go we make room for our next level of personal and spiritual growth. We are able to give energy to our dreams and create new ways of being, thinking and manifesting.

A holistic body, mind spirit approach combined with astrological intuitive coaching can help. It can help you break your goal into manageable steps and identify and overcome stuck patterns. Meditation, body-focused techniques, EMDR, imagery, neuropsychology, archetypal astrological themes and vibrational repatterning tools help you illuminate your inner depths.

Jump Start Your Career & College Students

Have you recently graduated? Looking for career direction or a career change? Have you hit a wall in your career? Joseph Campbell said there are moments in your life when you realize you need to lean your ladder against another wall.

If you’re a college student, you may be stressing over more than just classes. I can help bring a sense of balance back to your everyday life.

Change your mood with food

Curious if a keto or paleo diet could provide relief from headaches, weight issues, or increase your energy? Discover the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

Create an appreciation for the power of food to improve brain function and insulin response. Restore balance through natural means which can have a big effect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Serving all of Arizona; Phoenix, Jerome, Tombstone, Prescott, Sedona, Yuma. Transpersonal Therapy is located north of Tucson near Hilton El Conquistador Oro Valley 85704. Coming from the South or University of Arizona or Fourth street. We are just south of the Oro Valley marketplace and Catalina State Park. Pima Canyon Trail and the Vista Sun trail are also special spots near the Catalina Mountains.