The Rebel Within: Tame Your Inner Critic


Tame Your Inner Critic: Discover how to overcome resistance inside you and shine your light and how to immediately identify your inner critic whenever it speaks.





Have you heard the call? Your call? Of course you have.

You hear about someone’s problems and you think, “Well that’s a simple fix. All they need is…”

You watch the news and think, “Ya know, if I was in charge I would…”

You hear a song at a concert, or on the radio, and you can easily play it on your instrument.

Humanity needs what you’re holding onto. This life is a co-creative work of art, and we desperately want you to pick up your paintbrush and throw a few strokes on the canvas.

But wait, there’s that voice you have inside. The one that says you can’t. That you’re not good enough. That someone else will do it better.

You’re right. Doing something wonderful for your own soul’s enjoyment and the good of all humankind is a ridiculous waste of time.

NO!!! Your saboteur is running your show, and it’s no good for anyone!

If you’re tired of hiding your light, then I’ve got something for you, and there’s no time to waste.

Sign up for the Ready 2 Rebel Your Inner Critic, and discover how to overcome resistance inside you and shine your light for the good of the planet.

During this transformational course, you’ll learn:

  • How to immediately identify your Inner Critic whenever it speaks.
  • 4 sneaky tricks your saboteur uses on you, and how to outsmart it.
  • The top obstacles standing between the life you have and the life you want.
  • How to call in your reinforcements when you are being bombarded by those sabotaging voices.
  • A simple 3-step method to reclaiming control of your life.
  • How to actually gain inspiration from your doubt, fear & anxiety.
  • And much, much more.

You have many more daring adventures and exciting escapades before you, every one of them rooted in the gifts, talents and things you do really well. You know you have the answers. You know you feel the music. You know what time it is. It’s time to step up and step out.

BUT, you’re going to have to get over your own resistance and move past your shadow.

I know, it’s scary. You’re not even sure HOW to do it or where to start. That’s where this training will help.




I’m a transpersonal therapist and coach who provides counseling for anxiety, depression, symptoms of trauma, ADHD, career decision making, or any struggle in life. If you feel stuck through counseling, I can help you make the changes you desire while nourishing your mind, body, and soul. I’ll help you achieve a greater sense of purpose and spiritual fulfillment. I offer online therapy and I’m licensed in Arizona and Washington.