Transform Your Anxiety

Calm the Storm Inside You

Experience Peace at last

Transpersonal Therapy May Be the Answer You’ve Been Seeking


Anxiety is like a storm in your mind (sometimes it may be like a hurricane).
The stress, anxiety, and fear never end.
Negative and critical thoughts swirl around in your head day and night.
You worry about what you’ve done in the past that you should have done better.
You worry about what will happen in the future.
Your thoughts can become so intrusive you can’t focus on the tasks at hand. You can hardly make it through the day.
It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

Help for Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Anxiety Signs

Fear, overwhelm, ruminations

Mood swings, tension, irritability

Sleep disturbances from mind looping

Lack of focus and restlessness

Brain fog, weight loss, fatigue

Panic Signs

Rapid pounding heart

Shortness of breath

Fear of loss of control

Sweating or chills

Sense of impeding danger


I can help you or your child:

Cope with having roommates

Anxiety about leaving home

Adjusting to new social situations and finding friends

Relationship dynamics and decisions

Isolation and addiction issues

Struggle to balance homework, job and other parts of life

Low self-esteem and depression 

Stress in a new job from boss, coworkers or customers

Diet and eating related issues away from home

Sexuality and relationships



Your mind may be filled with anxious thoughts like these:


  • “I can’t seem to do anything right.”
  • “What if I take the job and _____happens?”
  • “What if I _____ and people laugh at me?”
  • “I’m a ______ (insert negative name).”
  • “My heart pounds so hard at times, and I feel like I can’t breathe; I’m afraid I’m going to have a heart attack.”
  • “I can’t stop worrying. I obsess constantly. I feel discouraged and helpless.”
  • “I’m afraid of ______. I can’t face it; it’s too scary.”
You’re tired of being tormented by anxiety.
You tried everything to stop it, but your mind just takes over.
You’re stuck in a pattern of fear and worry.

You’re tired of being tormented by anxiety.
You tried everything to stop it, but your mind just takes over.
You’re stuck in a pattern of fear and worry.

With My Therapy

You CAN Get Relief from Anxiety

I know it’s discouraging when you’ve struggled with anxiety without relief, but I offer hope for a more relaxed and calmer mind through therapy.
The causes of anxiety can be complex, and the key to resolving it is often multi-faceted. The good news Change wording …is that I have accumulated 23 years of training and experience  in my approach that helps treat anxiety.
I have accumulated 23 years of training and experience to develop in my approach [link to Approach page] to treat anxiety. that helps treat anxiety.
My transpersonal, spiritual approach to therapy is rare. I combine several effective methods and work holistically to help you overcome worrisome thoughts.
We use whatever methods that are most likely to work for you.
These approaches help you think more positively, discover ways to calm your mind, and advance your soul’s development.
If you wish, we can also examine the connection between the foods you eat and how they impact on your mood. Some foods are shown to help nourish your mind [link to mindful nourishment page].


With My Holistic Approach,

You Can Regain Control of Your Mind and

Create a More Fulfilling and Meaningful Life

Here is what’s possible with Transpersonal Therapy:

  • Understand how anxiety works in your brain on a neurological level and what’s required to stop anxiety from controlling it
  • Overcome the fears and concerns that don’t serve you
  • Develop more self-compassion for your inner critic
  • Have a calmer and more peaceful mind
  • Increase your ability to focus on the things you want and need to think about
  • Move forward in life without procrastinating; get more done
  • Discover tools to help you manage anxious thoughts, so you’re in control of them
  • Develop the ability to create and maintain boundaries and avoid “people-pleasing” behaviors
  • Have more energy and time for spiritual development
  • Have more positive and constructive thoughts that fulfill your soul’s purpose
  • Increase your self-confidence and make better decisions with ease

Transpersonal therapy goes beyond

helping you resolve anxiety and

calm your mind.

It also supports your awakening and

healing journey.

EMDR, neurofeedback, astrology counseling