Heal Trauma and PTSD

Develop Hope as You Release

Troubling Symptoms,

Recover and Move Forward

Transpersonal and EMDR Therapy Helps to

Overcome Traumatic and Other Distressing Events

Experiencing a highly stressful or traumatic event or series of events can turn your life upside down.

Your mood and overall quality of life have deteriorated. You may have lost a sense of meaning or purpose.

Worst of all, you worry that you’ll always have these troubles.

Yet, you’re desperate for relief.

You’re hoping counseling can help even though you may have tried it before to no avail.

It shows strength and courage to reach out to a therapist.

Seeking a therapist indicates that you have a strong desire to overcome your troublesome symptoms. A willingness to heal your pain and distress is the first step in healing from trauma.

Help for unresolved trauma

Trauma Signs

Fear, overwhelm, ruminations

Intrusive repetitive thoughts, tension

Sleep disturbances from mind looping

Lack of focus and restlessness


Mind Body Spirit

If the mind is stuck in a never ending loop of repetitive thoughts…….

WE MUST COORDINATE 1) Central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) with 2) peripheral nervous system (flight or flight response, heart rate and respiratory system)

I use proven techniques to stop the loop and balance the mental body and nervous system

Use simple protocols to balance your serotonin and cortisol

Uses coaching skills


I can help you or your child:

Cope with having roommates

Anxiety about leaving home

Adjusting to new social situations and finding friends

Relationship dynamics and decisions

Isolation and addiction issues

Struggle to balance homework, job and other parts of life

Low self-esteem and depression 

Stress in a new job from boss, coworkers or customers

Diet and eating related issues away from home

Sexuality and relationships



Have you experienced any of these symptoms of trauma or PTSD?

  • “I can’t stop thinking about what happened. Sometimes I have flashbacks of the event(s) where it feels like it is happening all over again.”
  • “I’m afraid to go to certain places or see specific people because they remind me of what happened.”
  • “I have trouble sleeping – sometimes I have horrible nightmares.”
  • “I’m easily startled. I’m often anxious [link to anxiety page] and on high alert waiting for something bad to happen.”
  • “I feel guilt or shame because I think it was my fault.”
  • “My relationships are difficult.”
  • “I have physical symptoms such as stomach upset or headaches.”
  • “I’m irritable; I have anger outbursts that I can’t control.”
  • “I feel numb and disconnected from others.”
  • “I feel unworthy; my self-esteem was damaged.”

Examples of Traumatic or Disturbing Events:

  • Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse in childhood or adulthood
  • Victim or witness of a crime
  • Serious accident
  • Life-threatening medical diagnosis
  • Birth trauma
  • Death of a loved one or pet [link to pet loss page]
  • Been in a fire
  • Natural disaster
  • Bullying
  • Military veterans of war
  • Any troublesome event that caused distressing symptoms

If you experience symptoms of trauma or PTSD, you’re not alone, and there is NOTHING wrong

with you.

The distressing symptoms you experience are “normal” reactions to abnormal events. Stressful and traumatic situations can overwhelm your nervous system and cause a pattern of negative responses that get stuck in your brain.

Often specific types of therapy, such as EMDR, [link to section on approaches page where this is discussed] that are known to help release these patterns and heal trauma symptoms are required.

While major stressful events often cause distress, sometimes even events that seem insignificant at the time can cause a great deal of turmoil.

Become Free of Stressful Symptoms That Hold You Back

You don’t have to continue to struggle. I have specialized training and experience in helping to release the symptoms of trauma trapped in your brain.

When you heal the psychological and physical symptoms of trauma, you feel better and can move forward in positive ways.

My transpersonal holistic approach works on the body, mind, and spiritual levels. My training in evidence-based counseling methods such as EMDR and in mental health nutrition [link to page] provides a comprehensive approach to resolving symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

You can feel more connected to yourself and others and have an increased sense of meaning and fulfillment.


How you can benefit from Transpersonal Therapy:

  • Have a sense of safety in the present moment

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed

  • Increase compassion for yourself

  • Have more enjoyment in life

  • Feel more relaxed and sleep better

  • Improve your self-esteem; feel better about yourself

  • Feel safer in the world and more self-confident

  • Have more energy, focus, and concentration

  • Enhance your connection with people; have more satisfying relationships

  • Acquire tools to help you cope when “triggered”

  • Feel a sense of optimism and grace about life

Imagine what it will feel like to no longer struggle with symptoms of trauma or PTSD

Imagine healing your mind, body and spirit

A brighter life is possible with my specialized

comprehensive approach

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