College Students and Teenagers:

Relieve the Confusion and Stress

From Career Decision-Making

Discover How to Find the Career You’ll Love and Feeds Your Soul

Deciding on a future career path is one of the most critical decisions teens or college students make.

You’ll want to make the best decision possible as a teenager or college student for the long road ahead.

If you’re a parent, you’ll want to be assured that your child chooses college courses that will lead toward choosing a productive and fulfilling career.

Academic and career indecision can create a tremendous amount of pressure and confusion.

It can lead to or exacerbate anxiety, ADHD, depression, low self-esteem, and fears about the future.

It can also trigger past traumatic or distressing events. [link to life trauma page]. Indecision about one’s vocation can lead to poor grades, affecting one’s choices and adding even more stress.

Research shows that stress caused by choosing a career path is common.

Being fearful and anxious about making such a huge life decision is understandable.

Career Decision Stressors of Adolescents and College Students:

  • Anxiety about finances; you or your parents have limited funds to pay for college courses

  • Worried about keeping grades up to get into programs; test anxiety

  • Indecision; you can’t decide what you want or what the best options are

  • Uneasy about employment opportunities and the economy; what if there are not enough jobs in your field?

  • Fears of the unknown; what if you don’t get into the program you want? What if you make the wrong choice?

  • Difficulty coping with the many potential transitions involved

  • Stress about how you’ll manage your mental health or ADHD

  • Concerns about moving out of your parent’s house and living on your own

  • Afraid you’ll be lonely if you move to attend college or get a job

  • Terrified of failure; What if you can’t get the job you want or you’re not good at it?

Career Personality Tests & Indicators

Strong Campbell Interest Inventory

Myers Briggs Inventory

Humanistic Astrology Chart

Heroic Myth Index


I can help you or your child:

Cope with having roommates

Anxiety about leaving home

Adjusting to new social situations and finding friends

Relationship dynamics and decisions

Isolation and addiction issues

Struggle to balance homework, job and other parts of life

Low self-esteem and depression 

Stress in a new job from boss, coworkers or customers

Diet and eating related issues away from home

Sexuality and relationships



If you’re struggling with any of the above, you’re certainly not alone!

Research shows that career counseling can help you untangle the confusion, weed through appropriate options, and boost your confidence about making the right choices academically and career-wise.

The decision-making process can be so much easier with the help of a career counselor who is also a mental health counselor.

Career Counseling Can Help:

  • Overcome confusion, fears, and insecurities
  • Heal any mental health issues that hold you back
  • Identify strengths
  • Increase your self-confidence in making significant changes in your life
  • Clarify academic and career goals – your preferences, values, and interests
  • Explore vocational options
  • Decide on the career path you’ll take
  • Understand the world of work
  • Make a plan of action toward having the life you desire, following your soul’s blueprint

Transpersonal Career Counseling Can Help You Find a Vocation and Sense of Purpose That Makes Use of Your Soul’s Talents

I can guide you toward a meaningful career by using my counseling expertise as well as personality and career interest assessments, the humanistic astrological chart, visualization techniques, and other planning tools.

I’ll help you choose a career path that fits your values, gives a sense of purpose, and offers the income you desire.

As an experienced transpersonal mental health counselor who specializes in anxiety [link to life anxiety page], ADHD, life transitions [link to life transitions page], and diet and lifestyle changes, link to page]. I can also help you manage anxieties, fears, or obstacles that you need to overcome.

Become Free of Stressful Symptoms That Hold You Back

You don’t have to continue to struggle. I have specialized training and experience in helping to release the symptoms of trauma trapped in your brain.

When you heal the psychological and physical symptoms of trauma, you feel better and can move forward in positive ways.

My transpersonal holistic approach works on the body, mind, and spiritual levels. My training in evidence-based counseling methods such as EMDR and in mental health nutrition [link to page] provides a comprehensive approach to resolving symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

You can feel more connected to yourself and others and have an increased sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Neurofeedback Could Be The Answer Learn More

How you can benefit from Transpersonal Therapy:

  • Have a sense of safety in the present moment

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed

  • Increase compassion for yourself

  • Have more enjoyment in life

  • Feel more relaxed and sleep better

  • Improve your self-esteem; feel better about yourself

  • Feel safer in the world and more self-confident

  • Have more energy, focus, and concentration

  • Enhance your connection with people; have more satisfying relationships

  • Acquire tools to help you cope when “triggered”

  • Feel a sense of optimism and grace about life


  You don’t have to spin in circles trying to do this alone.

A brighter life is possible with my specialized

comprehensive approach

Make the best academic and career decisions

that suit who you are.

Make your unique contribution to the world while fulfilling your soul’s purpose.