Intuitive Coaching with Astrology

“Listen with your soul, your mind is a product of conditioning and time.”

Want to go beyond the personal ego using intuitive tools to access the unconscious and your psychological journey? Have you lost a sense of meaning? Looking for a way to cope by cultivating a spiritual daily practice?

How are therapy & coaching different?

Therapeutic Counseling

Focuses on healing and understanding

Is insight-oriented

Emphasizes past and present

Accountability is not commonly expected

Uses therapy techniques

Intuitive Coaching

Focuses on manifesting potential

Is action and movement oriented

Emphases present and future

Accountability is commonly expected

Breaks your goal into manageable steps


Multi-Faceted Healing

Feel more centered by interating sensations, feelings and thoughts

Feel calmer by deconditioning old fears

Increase your awareness which allows you to make more conscious choices

Improved self-esteem by doing identity work that helps you reach your personal goals

I am a certified coach and bring my intuitive problem-solving skills to help you achieve your goals. Where therapeutic counseling provides insight and resolution on issues past, present and future, coaching specifically helps you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress and identify and overcome personal roadblocks. This is a more goal-oriented, issue-specific approach than traditional therapy ( I focus on looking toward the future). I help clients explore their inner selves through the tools I use that encourage “right-brain” thinking.
At the start of my sessions with clients I may look at the astrological birth chart to get a sense of what archetypal themes are ‘up’ for a client. There are no good or bad charts, all parts relate to the whole and we have free will. The planets in your chart and personalized meditations can help you become self-aware and develop the ability to self-observe and become more aware of moments of choice.
I use tools like body-focused techniques, guided chakra meditation, vibrational repatterning, archetypal imagery and breath brings deep relaxation and help you connect to yourself thought reflection and contemplation.
Astrology as a tool gives a point of entry into the unconscious and timing of the psychological journey far beyond traditional psychology.
Psychologist Carl Jung who had his clients’ charts during sessions stated, “If I had 10 years left to live, I would spend it studying astrology.” He called astrology ‘the first form of psychology’ and felt no other method gave such depth and insight into the archetypes most likely to be activating at a given time. The chart was a guide to discuss purpose, potential, gifts and challenges,  

Your Mother, Your Moon and You


Explore your relationship with your Mother in a dynamic process. Use the tool of humanistic astrology to explore the personalities of you and your mother. The moon is a symbol of how we give and receive nurturing. Learn about your moon and its influence on your feelings and behaviors. Make the most of the moon’s influence in your relationships.