Improve Your Mood with Food

Discover How to Improve Your Well-being

Influenced by Lifestyle, Sleep and Diet  

Brain Nourishment Coaching Could Be the Answer You’ve Been Looking for…

You already know that proper nutrition affects your physical health.

But did you know that the foods you eat can either help or hinder how you feel mentally?

When it comes to your emotional well-being, the right diet can make all the difference.

It’s true. 

There is now a wealth of brain research showing how

nutrition is an interwoven key of mental health

Healthy foods can not only improve mood but can also influence your cognition and memory. Studies show that good nutrition makes your brain work more effectively.

Therapy and coaching are often necessary to help improve your anxiety,  depression, or other mental health problems, including trauma symptoms. 

However, combining coaching with food and lifestyle changes can boost your emotional well-being and often bring faster results.

My integrative mind, body and spirit approach uses brain nutritional psychology- to help improve your mood, energy, and overall state of wellness.

Further, if you’re looking for ways to reduce medication, the right diet may help along with a coach acting in a supportive role with other practitioners, managing your well-being.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • “I’m tired of struggling with anxiety or depression.”
  • “I’m out of shape.
  •  My body hurts. I get headaches or suffer from chronic pain.”
  • “I’m concerned about my weight.”
  • “I know I should eat better. Sometimes I do, but I lack motivation for the long       term. I’m a yo-yo dieter.”
  • “I’ve tried lots of diets, but none stick.”
  • “I can’t control my cravings for unhealthy foods.”
  • “I don’t have the time to cook; it’s easier to eat out.”
  • “Healthy foods and nutritional supplements are too expensive for my budget.”
  • “I’m worried about the history of heart disease or diabetes in my family.”
  • “The information is so confusing on the best foods to eat. It’s overwhelming trying to sort it out.”
  • “I’d like to find team-oriented care to reduce or eliminate my prescription medications.”

Quiz: Are You Carb Sensitive?

Making Food Choices to Improve Your Mood and Overall Health Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

You might be reluctant to change your diet because you think it’s hard.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Making eating and other lifestyle changes does take a willingness to want to feel and function better, but even taking small steps can make a difference in your mood.

I can support and guide you to gradually tweak your food choices to improve brain function, inflammation response and restore balance through natural means. Create an appreciation for the power of food to effect your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

I Can Help You Sort Through the Conflicting Nutritional Information in Order for You to Choose a Healthy Diet & Improve Your Mood

I’m a transpersonal counselor and certified coach  trained in a range of effective approaches. I can help you restore balance through natural means.

I’m a certified Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Counselor and Ketogenic Diet for Mental Health Clinician.

I’ve studied various types of mind-body medicine for over 30 years and have gained an understanding of the power of food to enhance brain health and well-being.

Not only that.

I’ve Solved My problems with Anxiety, Thyroiditis, Food Allergies, Blood Sugar Levels, by Changing My Lifestyle & Eating Habits

If I can learn to eat better, with my help, so can you!

A cancer scare thirty years ago and the book, ‘Yeast free syndrome’ prompted an awakening that led me to the local health food store and creating a gluten-free support group. I adopted a dairy, gluten, sugar-free diet that transformed my life and well-being. With my mind-body approach and brain health expertise, I can help you turn your habits around to increase energy and productivity. You’ll discover the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

I can help you feel more energetic by learning to eat this, not that.

I coordinate with physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, athletic trainers, and other medical specialists to help you create seamless supportive care.

Brain, Food and Mood Coaching Can Help You Make the Food Changes You’ve Not Been Able to Make in the Past

  • My holistic approach can help you:

  • Have a calmer, more relaxed mind; sleep better

  • Boost your productivity

  • Balance emotions

  • Improve mental focus, concentration, and memory

  • Manage cravings for unhealthy foods

  • Manage weight better by balancing blood sugar and eating foods to achieve metabolic flexibility

  • Have a personalized healthy eating plan that you’re able to follow

  • Feel more in control of your lifestyle, sleep and diet

When it comes to your emotional well-being, comprehensive support to address your needs and lifestyle can make a big difference.

You may feel better on all levels-mental, physical and spiritual- by making even small changes


While nothing is a magic bullet, transpersonal coaching just may be the solution you’ve long wanted-

Check out this inspiring 6-minute video, about the scientific underpinnings of ketogenic diets from experts in the field from around the world.

The info in this site is not intented as and should not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.