Has a Life Change Become


Transpersonal Counseling Can Help

You Get Through a Life Transition

with Greater Ease

Changes in life can be challenging…whether they are wanted changes or those that are thrown upon you. Most of us have some difficulty with transitions that occur in life.

Even considering or anticipating a change can cause fear and anxiety.

Why is this so?

It’s because, as humans, we’re hard-wired to resist change.

The amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for our emotions, sees change as a threat. When we experience or anticipate a change, stress hormones are released in our brains, and we can experience a lot of anxiety and fear.

Of course, change is easier for some people than for others. If you’ve had a history of anxiety, trauma, or other stressors in your life, a life transition may be highly anxiety-inducing and even painful.

Common Life Changes That Can Be Stressful

  • Relationship loss due to a breakup, separation, or divorce
  • Career Change / Job loss
  • Health crisis or sudden accident
  • Death of a loved one or pet
  • Infertility
  • Becoming sober
  • Birth of a child
  • Change in diet due to health issues (e.g., diabetes, chronic pain, heart disease, etc.)
  • Gender identity transition
  • Aging and retirement

Life Changes Can Lead to:

Fearful thoughts

Difficulty concentrating, tension

Sleep disturbances

Stress in relationships

Feelings of uncertainty and grief

Depressed or anxious mood

Low energy

Decreased sex drive

Upset stomach


I can help you or your child:

Cope with having roommates

Anxiety about leaving home

Adjusting to new social situations and finding friends

Relationship dynamics and decisions

Isolation and addiction issues

Struggle to balance homework, job and other parts of life

Low self-esteem and depression 

Stress in a new job from boss, coworkers or customers

Diet and eating related issues away from home

Sexuality and relationships



Reasons Why You May Struggle with a Life Change

  • Afraid of the unknown – regardless of whether the change is wanted or not, you know what you have now, but it’s impossible to know what the change will bring
  • Loss of control – when life is uncertain, you can feel unsettled and lack a sense of stability and security
  • Lacking confidence – you may worry about whether you’re capable of making the changes and how well you’ll cope
  • Learning something new – many changes require a learning curve which can be stressful
  • Change often requires time and effort – you have a busy life, and it can be time-consuming and tiring to undergo a change
  • Ripple effects of change – Often, change brings other changes that you’re concerned about
  • Avoidance of pain – change can be painful (e.g., relationship loss, death, health crises, accident, etc.)
  • No benefits or unable to see the benefits – you may feel discouraged and worried because you can’t see and advantages to the change, perhaps all you see are disadvantages.

Counseling Can Help You Move Through Change More Smoothy

Most of us experience at least some of the above challenges when we undergo a change in life.
Any change can exacerbate your symptoms if you’re prone to anxiety or have had traumatic experiences.
Seeking the support of a counselor can help make the transition smoother and lessen fear and anxiety. It can help you gain courage and confidence to face the change more gracefully.
Transpersonal counseling may help you find a sense of purpose and meaning in the change, even if the change was unwanted. Counseling can enhance your spiritual development and help you develop greater peace.

Here is what’s Possible with Counseling:

  • Develop more courage and confidence to face the change
  • Ease the stress of a transition and experience more flow
  • Manage feelings of grief due to the loss of a person or pet
  • Make better decisions
  • Develop new skills and strengths
  • Develop a sense of calm and peace in the storm of change
  • Strengthen your resilience to changes that occur in the future
  • Experience immense personal and spiritual growth
  • Make progress toward the life you truly desire


If you’re experiencing a challenging transition and want support in getting through it. I can help.

Change is manageable and can facilitate your

growth and development. I have the expertise to help you

through to the other side. 

 Need help sorting out your feelings?

Build the skills to deal with your problems,

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