Mindful Nourishment: Change your mood with food.

Are you having trouble getting started on a nutrition reset? 


You don’t know where to start. You feel you don’t have the time.
Its on your resolution list, but its’ not getting done. You started, but keep getting
stuck. You don’t know how to tell which diet is right for you.


You are feeling like its time to put you and your health first.
You’re not alone. The hardest part is getting started

Schedule a consult and create a personalized nutrition plan to increase your energy and productivity. Integrate affordable, effective, safe holistic approaches to your health and wellness. Discover essential nutrients that improve mental health and cognitive decline. Do you need ideas for affordable, tasty, practical individualized diets and personalized recipes and cooking methods? I love this recipe below packed with micronutrients that support healthy immune function. It can be a step toward living a sweet life without less sugar. 

Check out this inspiring 6-minute video, along with clips about the scientific underpinnings of ketogenic diets for mental health from experts in the field from around the world.

Counseling is about raising awareness and helping you make connections between your behaviors, feelings and relationships: Nutrition is a piece like that, understanding the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Nutritional, dietary, herbal, paleo, keto, or sugar-free protocols can increase your energy and productivity throughout the day. Gain more calm and discover ways to help stop the anxiety attacks. Have improved attitude, mood and productivity.

And feel at peace with your food-mood connection. I also work with health providers such as doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists to provide nutritional support for mental health. I draw from many resources to meet your therapeutic, health and wellness goals.


 Nutritional, ketogenic or sugar-free diets may have mood stabilizing properties and have been shown to improve brain metabolism, reduce inflammation and stress in the brain. Anxiety and Trauma work often overlooks missing nutrients and food choice thus the cycle of mood, depression and suffering continues. 

Ketones, are an alternative fuel source which burn efficiently in a low-insulin environment. A Ketogenic, Paleo or Wahl diet is worth trying for a variety of conditions like panic disorder, ADHD, bulimia and early Alzheimers disease because it may improve brain health. Part of metabolic neuroscience is nourishing the second brain, your ‘gut’ through key nutrients.

On a personal note, I left the Midwest after college for the Rocky Mountains to study business. There I adopted a gluten, dairy, sugar-free diet thirty years ago that transformed my life, well-being and mental health. A cancer health scare and the book, ‘Yeast free syndrome’ prompted an awakening and led me to the local health food store where I formed a gluten free support group with three other women.

My own difficult health problems such as anxiety associated with thyroiditis, gluten-dairy food allergies and migraines prompted my curiosity about the intersection between food, health and hormones. Having successfully overturned those syndromes in part with a low-plant ketogenic diet, my passion for mental health nutrition was reborn. My certification as an Integrated Mental Health Nutrition Counselor and Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health Clinician Certification and study of mind-body medicine for 30 years has empowered me with a deep understanding of and appreciation for the power of food to heal symptoms in the body and mind.

Ten years ago, a hyperthyroidism episode combined with menopause heightened my adrenaline and anxiety. I worked with a naturopath that rebalanced my endocrine system using kinesiology testing to test for the dominant root cause. Treatment was singular bite size glandular supplements combined with cranial sacral therapy, protein/plant-based diet and acupuncture; they all helped to reset my endocrine system and balance the ‘fight or flight hormone’. Hence, I no longer need to take a thyroid pill or supplement.

A few years ago, I started a strict ketogenic diet under the supervision of naturopath in order to revisit my diet for better brain health, Alzheimer prevention, glucose moderation and evaluate hormone supplementation related to insomnia post menopause. Now I do a modified keto/paleo diet with limited dairy, sugar, wheat free and find bioidentical hormones have restored better sleep. I have worked with clients on food mood connection specifically around glucose intolerance providing specific protocol and handouts from a mental health perspective. For example, identifying gluten sensitivity that can be associated with depression and mood imbalances. Sugar and processed foods are an addiction themselves. I have worked in addictions, and I provide you with the support and strategies to work with the resistance to lifestyle changes.

Free Handout: Evidence for the Use of Ketogenic Diets for Neuropsychiatric conditions 

The info in this site is not intented as and should not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.