Right and Wrong Facts about Hypnosis-How it can help you reach your goals

I use hypnosis to help clients reach their goals; whether it is to stop smoking, shed stress, improve well-being, treat phobia, anxiety or pain. The biological benefits of hypnosis can now be quantified. Hypnosis has become mainstream in medical and behavioral sciences. “Hypnosis and the practice of self-hypnosis may significantly reduce general anxiety, tension and stress in a manner similar to other relaxation and self-regulation procedures.”

I often field questions in my therapy practice around hypnosis such as 1) Can hypnosis really help me? 2) What if I don’t wake up? and 3) Can I be hypnotized? All hypnosis is self hypnosis. If you’ve ever driven someplace and upon reaching your destination realized you haven’t paid attention to getting there, you have been in a trance. Your conscious mind was thinking about something else, while your unconscious mind was safely making all the rights turns. Have you ever lost yourself in a good movie or book and lost track of time?  You are tapping into an unconscious trance state.

Misconceptions about hypnosis are rampant. One does not lose control while in trance. You are in full control while under hypnosis and would not do anything you would not normally do. Those volunteering in those embarrassing, uncomfortable stage hypnosis shows at the fair or nightclub are expecting to be silly and volunteering to be embarrassed. In a psychotherapists’ office, you would have no such expectations, and therefore, would refuse to be manipulated in such a way. While in trance you can open your eyes, walk, and talk. You will not remember, experience, feel or speak anything you consciously do not want to.

Hypnosis is a tool to access your unconscious creating a deep state of relaxation. It can be used to create positive changes in your life. Milton H. Erickson in the 1950s developed a radically different approach to hypnotism, which has subsequently become known as “Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Erickson legitimized hypnosis making it successful, accepted, helpful tool beneficial to all those wanting to effect change and reach goals in their lives. For example, a clinician helps you enter a trance and then makes suggestions that will contribute to your goals. It is estimated that 80% of us are ‘hypnotizable’ to some extent. Children, ages 8-12 are the most hypnotizable and some adults are able to enter very deep layers of their unconscious process.  I have been educated and licensed as a clinical psychotherapist. I have earned my credentials as a hypnotherapist. I do not use hypnosis to treat any condition I would not treat using other skills. Hypnosis is only one of my tools.  It provides an opportunity to experience safe, comfortable relaxation and a means of greater life contentment. It is an altered state of consciousness that is a naturally occurring state that does not involve a loss of control. It has many practical applications for anxiety, trauma, habit control, self-esteem, performance anxiety, and recovery. Hypnosis re-educates the unconscious to feel, think or solve problems in healthier ways. Its been shown to you with:

  • Phobias, fears, and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Post-trauma anxiety
  • Grief and loss

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