Anxiety, depression and stress can be eased with transpersonal therapy. Help goes beyond the limited ego concerns of life in a body to encompass the awareness that we are souls having a spiritual experience. The view builds on a view of a oneness with all existence. Through in-depth exploration we can awaken to greater consciousness and find tools to access our deeper inner knowing.

This cutting edge therapy is on the rise because we are realizing we need to be in touch with not just mind and body but soul. In order to get in touch with the soul we need to have a language to describe the unconscious where the soul in part resides. Transpersonal therapy is a branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of those states and processes in which people experience a deeper or wider sense of who they are, or a sense of greater connectedness with others, nature, or the “spiritual” dimension.



From an early age I had a passion about women’s matters. I realized that even more after finishing my MBA which was really not a good fit for me. I decided to go in the direction of counseling and helping people and now have 23 years of clinical experience.

While running my private practice to my surprise latent grief for my childhood family dog brought me a series of dreams. Writing about this beloved pet ended up being a healing journey including not just my stories, but client’s pet loss and even afterlife stories. This has led to my book, Life, Death, Dog: Between This Pet and the Next.

I’m committed to providing online therapy in Arizona and Washington. I’m passionate about creating positive changes in mind, body and spirit helping clients move forward with fewer emotional side effects.

Struggling with loss, anxiety, trauma or relationships? Contact me for expert therapy for adults, teens and college students.