Mental health has been of great importance now more than ever. And no one needs more mental health support than young adults themselves. Virtual/video/online counselling has been a great way for these students to break boundaries and get the help they need. Here are just some of the reasons why online counselling can be super helpful for young adults:

Safe, Security and Comfortable

Transpersonal Therapy uses SimplePractice which is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified so your information is kept private and your session is conducted in a safe and secure space. And there’s nothing more secure than the comfort of your own room. Being able to have online counselling sessions while being in your own surroundings, sitting on the couch is the true level of luxury every student deserves. And with an expert qualified therapist.

Young adults are able to talk more freely and openly when they believe they are comfortable. This is why online counselling sessions can be super helpful, as they allow young adults to speak freely in a judgment-free space and get the help you deserve.

Convenience and Flexibility

Let’s be real. Young adults usually have very busy schedules. They are usually found juggling between classes, studying and enough working hours to pay the bills. Many young adults who are battling the rise in inflation costs has the time to make space driving to a counselling session.

Online counselling gives young adults the flexibility and convenience of having a session whenever they get the time to do so. They can sign up for a counselling session that works around their class, study, work and play schedule or even early during the day.

Cost Effective

Have you seen the gas prices these days? It’s a no from me. Why would anyone choose consume more gas when they can just have the same task done at home? Young adults are in enough debt as it is. They don’t need to add credit card bills to the list of things to pay for.

The benefit of having online counselling sessions is that you’re able to save money on gas and other expenses that you would’ve needed in order to get to the location. I know I would save a ton of money on clothes as I’d be at home taking these sessions in your sweats!

Final Verdict

Young adults are always looking to find the best of the best. With online counselling, they may find someone who understands their needs and provides the flexibility to work with their schedule.

While physical counselling has been a great help in the past, virtual work has opened the door to other ways of receiving help. Young adults have seen how convenient it is and may prefer to have sessions within the comforts of their own rooms. And who wouldn’t choose the convenient, easy safe, secure comfortable choice, right?

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From an early age I had a passion about women’s matters. I realized that even more after finishing my MBA which was really not a good fit for me. I decided to go in the direction of counseling and helping people and now have 23 years of clinical experience.

While running my private practice to my surprise latent grief for my childhood family dog brought me a series of dreams. Writing about this beloved pet ended up being a healing journey including not just my stories, but client’s pet loss and even afterlife stories. This has led to my book, Life, Death, Dog: Between This Pet and the Next.

I’m committed to providing online therapy in Arizona and Washington. I’m passionate about creating positive changes in mind, body and spirit helping clients move forward with fewer emotional side effects.

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